Supporting Our Healthy Workplace

Summer is so close we can taste it! White wine on the patio time has hit Vancouver, as we have been graced with the recent stretch of beautiful weather. Now is as good a time as any to take a look at how we support a physically healthy workplace!

Here are three things we do at Talk Shop to to keep our team in top form and energized!

Fresh Water and Healthy Snacks

Talk Shop has a filtered alkaline water system and a healthy snack bar. The water is fresh and cool and the snacks are great for an added pick me up throughout the day- especially on a busy day when we need more fuel and don’t have a lot of time. Alkaline water has been suggested to help detoxify the body, alkalize pH levels and boost immunity- plus it cost less than the water service we had before so we can instead spend that money in fun activities for the team!

Talk Shop facilitates a collection for the snack bar to allow interested team members to have input on the snacks and to get bulk discounts. Having these options accessible for your team makes nutrition more convenient and helps the team feel more comfortable knowing they can take a snack break when needed without leaving the office.

Fuelling Vancouver's top independently owned public relations team one bite at a time

Fuelling Vancouver’s top independently owned public relations team one bite at a time

Stretch It Out

When you work in the PR industry, you are always on the go with meetings, media shoots, and events. You depend on portable tech like your laptop and smart phone. When our team is in the office they work hard and spend stretches of time sitting at their desks working on their laptops. Looking away from your screens, getting up and stretching are recommended throughout the day, every 20-30 minutes, to help your eyes and body in general. Our team is super dedicated to their work and realistically only stop working maybe once an hour, but with an encouraged team work atmosphere, the amount of time working on a screen is often broken up with great brainstorming sessions and collaboration.

When it’s a slow meeting day or it just seems like our team has been plugging away for hours on end, our Office Manager Natalie will host a fun, impromptu 3 minute stretching session. She encourages the team to get up and leads a stretch to soothe any kinks that can happen from working at a desk all day. These stretches help tend to sore and stiff muscles particularly in the neck, shoulders and back.

Fitness Buds

Several of our team members are big fitness enthusiasts- we have marathoners, gym buffs, stand up paddle boarders, softball players and cyclists on the team. We look to these Talk Shop ‘fitness gurus’ as our source of inspiration. With our Vancouver office conveniently located in the vibrant South Granville community we are close to tons of fitness options for early morning workouts or after work classes, including Cadence, Good Life Fitness, and YYoga. We encourage each other as a team and often have gym buddies sharing a lunch or meeting up to keep each other accountable and on track with their goals. Exercise releases endorphins which help you deal better with stress -definitely an encouraged activity during high pressure PR campaigns!

Gym buddies Lauren, Alysa, and Natalie

Gym buddies Lauren, Alysa, and Natalie

There you have it. Three areas we work on to help our team perform at its physical best.

We have some of the strongest and brightest minds in PR on our team and we want to ensure we are doing everything to keep them on top of their games. Next week, check back for our focus on Mental Health in the Workplace.


There are some AMAZING cooks on our team and we share recipes all the time! Added bonus, here are two delicious and healthy recipes to add to your nutrition options:  Lauren’s Green Juice (see recipe below) and Katie’s favourite The Life Changing Loaf Enjoy!

As promised, Lauren’s Green Juice recipe:

  • 1/2 banana
  • handful of spinach or kale
  • stick of celery
  • 1cm chunk of ginger
  • thick slice of lemon (skin chopped off)
  • 5cm cucumber
  • teaspoon of chai and/or flax seeds
  • 1 cup of alkaline water

Blend and enjoy!