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We Attended a Leading AI Conference, Here’s What we Learned at Ai4 2023

We're living in a digital world that's changing faster than you can say 'artificial intelligence.' And guess what? We've just had a front-row seat to this transformation at the Ai4 2023 conference in Las Vegas. It was a fantastic chance for industry experts and business leaders to get together and talk about how we can use AI and machine learning responsibly.

CES 2023: HealthTech gets personal

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always full of surprises, and 2023’s was no different. The Talk Shop team attended the event, and one sector that caught our attention was Healthtech. With a host of new products on full display, these innovations have a major opportunity to change how we live and work.

Talk Shop Takes Bitcoin 2022

After a four-day Odd-yssey (emphasis on odd) at Bitcoin 2022, our team took the largest Bitcoin event in history by storm. The phrase, “Bullish on Bitcoin” was never more evident than a showing with headliners like Serena Williams, Jordan Peterson and Peter Thiel. The event kicked off with an unveiling of a New York stock-exchange-inspired crypto bull. It was complete with NFT art galleries, an indoor volcano, epic parties and a musical music festival feel. Overall the four-day affair was a deep dive into the weird and wonderful. From advancements in the lightning network and open source technology to counterculture influences, here are our takeaways from this year’s Bitcoin 2022 Conference.