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Dec. 30th, 2022
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Talk Shop’s 2022 Year in Review: Our most memorable moments

It’s become a tradition here at Talk Shop to enter into a new year by reflecting on the past one. 2022 definitely kept us on our toes, but with our amazing team and group of clients, we had another great year of growth and achievements.

So as we take a look back at the year that was, here are the highlights of some of our most memorable moments from 2022:

Talk Shop implements Pawrental Leave Policy, giving new pet parents time off

As of August 26th, National Dog Day, Talk Shop will offer team members the chance to take time off around the adoption of a new pet. This paid time off policy will allow new dog or cat owners time to focus on bonding with their new family member. It will help them have some time to adjust to their new pet owning duties, and let their new ‘fur babies’ settle into their new home.

Jun. 23rd, 2022
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Talk Shop Takes TikTok: #ForYou Summit

Earlier this month, Talk Shop’s digital team was thrilled to be invited to Tiktok’s first-ever #ForYou Summit: Canada, where marketers, agencies and media buyers from across the country gathered (in person!) to immerse themselves in all things TikTok.

May 30th, 2022
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We went to the MaRS Impact Health Conference so you didn’t have to – here’s what we learned

From May 25-27th, biotech, HealthTech, and life sciences leaders from across the country came together to discuss how to work together to grow the health ecosystem here in Canada and beyond. The Talk Shop team attended to establish and consider new ways that the biotech, HealthTech and life sciences sector can better tell their stories to the masses through public relations. As a leading communications agency specializing in supporting innovative technology companies in telling their story, keeping on top of trends within the HealthTech ecosystem is essential.

Read on to learn some of our key takeaways from the 3-day event.