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Dec. 17th, 2020
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Talk Shop’s Holiday Gift Guide – Support Local

This year, we’re more mindful than ever about where our products are coming from, and strive to support local businesses as much as possible. From handcrafted items, to the mattress brand everyone is talking about, this list is comprised of the best Canadian products so you can feel good about helping our local businesses thrive.

Ways for Businesses to Optimize Cash Flow Amidst Covid-19

Recent weeks have felt eerily similar to the market crash of 2008. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we must remember that while the last financial crisis took its toll, it also led to some of the most unprecedented growth in decades. These hard times led to innovation and businesses improving their operational intelligence. Using this strategy in my business, Talk Shop Media, we have purchased commercial property, diversified through acquiring new businesses and ranked as one of Canada’s top employers.