Threads App: Let’s Unravel some Features and Benefits of this New PlatformCategory
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re likely one of the millions (and counting) who has downloaded the Threads app. A text-based social media application from the Meta parent company, Threads, has unique features designed to enhance brand communication and engagement with its audience. Curious about how to approach this new platform? The Talk Shop digital team has outlined some interesting app features and how your brand can leverage Threads to build its online presence.

Unique Features We’re Loving

The Discovery Feed: A Sea of Unfiltered Threads: The app boasts a discovery feed that showcases an array of threads from various users. While it offers a wide range of content, some users find it overwhelming, especially when they first experience the app. The absence of filtering raises the question of how effectively Threads can curate content for its users.

An Active Presence: Inserting the Creators into Organic Threads: One aspect distinguishing Threads is its creators’ active involvement, including Adam Mosseri (CEO of Instagram) and Mark Zuckerberg. This hands-on approach not only adds a personal touch to the platform but also enhances the authenticity of the threads. Users appreciate the opportunity to interact with the minds behind Threads.

No Ability to Edit: A Twitter-Esque Move: While most social media platforms allow users to edit their posts, Threads takes a different approach. By not offering the option to edit posts, Threads mimics the unalterable nature of Twitter. This decision creates a sense of permanence and authenticity in the content shared on the platform.

Hashtags: Ineffective in the World of Threads: In the vast realm of threads, hashtags lose their efficacy. Threads does not prioritize their usage unlike other platforms where hashtags enhance discoverability.

Seamless Onboarding Flow: Leveraging Instagram Connections: Threads simplifies the onboarding process by providing an easy option to follow your existing Instagram followers. This allows users to seamlessly transition to the platform with a ready-made follower count. The ability to leverage your current Instagram connections adds a significant advantage for those starting on Threads.

Media Integration: Bringing Visuals to Life: Thread’s focus on landscape photos sets it apart from other platforms. By making better use of landscape photos, Threads adds a visually captivating element to the content shared. Additionally, integrating IG reels, with automatic playback in the feed, enhances the multimedia experience for users.

The Missing GIF Function: A Significant Omission: Despite its various features, Threads overlooks a popular element – the GIF function. This omission is seen as a major missed opportunity, as GIFs have become integral to online communication. Users express their desire for this feature, hoping it will be added in future updates.

Sharing Options: From Threads to IG Story and Beyond: Threads provides users with easy sharing options. Whether sharing threads to your Instagram story or your IG post, the platform promotes seamless integration and cross-promotion. However, this integration goes one way without the ability to share Instagram posts easily to Threads.

Who Stands to Benefit from Early Adoption?

Brands with an Active Instagram Presence: Creating an account on Threads is highly recommended for brands already thriving on Instagram. It offers a chance to gauge engagement and explore new avenues for connecting with their audience.

Brands Looking to Build Their Identity: Threads provides an excellent platform to shift conversations in comments sections to more interactive threads. This enables a more engaging back-and-forth dialogue, allowing brands to build their identities and establish stronger connections with their audience.

Service-Based Businesses: B2C brands can leverage Threads as a customer service platform. Setting up a response matrix to promptly address complaints, questions, and comments can elevate the customer experience and foster brand loyalty.

Community Building Opportunities: Brands and creators looking to build a vibrant community around their content can find immense value in Threads. Its direct and authentic approach provides a unique opportunity to foster meaningful connections with their audience.

Should your brand explore Threads? Given the anticipated volume of engagement and interactions on the platform, B2C-focused brands should be, at minimum, prioritizing securing a handle, establishing their bio and including a link in their profile. Bonus points for creating a content plan focusing on short yet insightful captions accompanied by multimedia content. A response matrix for customer service-oriented FAQ would also be useful as we’re seeing users assume all-too-familiar behaviour we know and love from Twitter, such as airing complaints, asking questions and having the opportunity to have a direct conversation with a brand.

Unsure of whether your brand falls into this category and how to adapt your content strategy to this new platform, Talk Shop can support you by exploring a strategy and content plan that is customized to your team’s current capacity and offerings.

Threads, the new and promising social media platform, brings a fresh perspective to content creation and interaction. With its unique features, seamless onboarding, and the active involvement of its creators, Threads offers an enticing space for individuals, brands, and businesses to connect with their audience in a more authentic and direct manner. While it may have certain limitations, the platform’s potential to foster engagement, promote community building, and drive customer service makes it an appealing option for early adopters. So, consider joining Threads and explore the endless possibilities it holds for your social media presence.