How To Leverage Employer Branding on Social Media To Increase Team Member Engagement And Attract TalentCategory
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There's no doubt that over the past two years, The Great Resignation has become an increasingly more significant issue for companies across the board. With more flexible options for income and a stronger work-life balance, why wouldn't employees want to change it up?

When it comes to cultivating a top-notch and inviting employer experience, creating a solid employee branding presence on your social media channels is a must. This framework offers an easy and effective way to capture the right audience of prospective employees while maintaining your current roster of outstanding staff members.

Here are our four tips for leveraging employer branding across your social media platforms.

Understand your employee value proposition and why you want to build awareness around your people and workplace culture:

Coming to the table with a defined employee value proposition is crucial. Without a solid understanding of your EVP, you can’t expect prospective employees to join your team, especially if you aren’t offering something out-of-the-box that your competitors aren’t.

Do you offer a wealth of benefits and perks for your staff? Do you create unique work experiences for individual employees? If the answer is yes, then leverage that!

With The Great Resignation in full swing, it’s more important now than ever to express your employees’ value within the organization. Understanding what makes your company extra special, hearing from your employees through first-hand experiences, and speaking to their lived experiences through your social media content is such a unique way to introduce prospective employees to your company and its offerings.

Encourage your employees to share EGC:

With many of us still working from home and transitioning to remote or hybrid work for the foreseeable future, leveraging behind-the-scene content from your current employees is a sure-fire way to create engaging content, especially for prospective employees.

Whether that’s through snapshots of their at-home workspace, short videos about their experience working at your company, or photos from company and cultural events, PostBeyond cites EGC content as being shared 24x more than standard branded posts. Additionally, paid campaigns incorporating EGC result in 29% higher web conversions than campaigns without it.

Encouraging your employees to share their EGC can quickly be done in many ways. If you can offer an incentive to your staff like a monthly gift card draw, you’ll find your Slack channels rapidly filling up with great EGC that can easily be repurposed as evergreen content.

Maintaining up-to-date and branded social media channels:

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer, but ensuring your social media presence is up-to-date across all platforms is a must.

First and foremost, you should check that all social media channels include the correct logos, company photos, brand colours, bios, and links – this can minimize any confusion that prospective employees may run into during their job search.

From your Google My Business account to your company Instagram to your LinkedIn job postings and Life Page, having a cohesive user experience across all channels will ensure that your brand stays top of mind.

Incorporating employee advocacy:

Last but not least, another key to acing employer branding on social media relies heavily on employee advocacy. Creating an open and trusting dialogue with your team allows employees to feel comfortable sharing their experiences at your company. In turn, this encourages very raw and unique referrals within your employee’s social and professional circles.

In addition to facilitating great potential connections, employee advocacy can be repurposed as social media content. More now than ever, we’re seeing increasingly organic, human-focused video content from VPs, recruiters, and HR team members, and it’s paying off with social media platforms like Instagram favouring video content over static posts.

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