How We’re Being Mindful of #EachforEqual at Talk Shop in 2020Category
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This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EachforEqual and at Talk Shop, we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the movement.

Our management team echoes the statement that an “… Equal world is an enabled world,” and while we’re proud to employ so many females representing different ages, cultures, and experiences, we know and believe there is always more we can do to ensure that the people in our office feel that we are supporting a harmonious environment.

This IWD, we are sharing what’s worked well and promoted an #EachforEqual workplace:

Committing to Women’s Financial Futures

Not only are we committed to ensuring we offer competitive salaries to all employees at Talk Shop, we’ve gone a step further for those earnestly seeking more from their career paths.

A Talk Shop program, In Residence, was created to give our talented team the freedom to imagine, explore and incubate concepts they’ve always dreamed possible. With a portion of our annual profits dedicated to this cause, we’re empowering female entrepreneurs with skills, mentorship and capital to make their dreams a reality.

Female Focused Mentorship

Firm believers that all employees should be empowered to live their most meaningful and authentic lives, we look to provide female-driven mentorship both internally and externally. Our senior management team at Talk Shop often makes time to work alongside employees ranging from Director to C-suite roles offering mentorship on career advice and goal setting initiatives.

We also turned to a female-owned business – and client – in the Vancouver area, Peak Resilience, to curate a program specific to Talk Shop employees. Peak Resilience is a leading feminist counseling practice that offers sessions in a variety of evidence-based therapies specifically tailored to your needs. They work with clients to inspire confidence, peace of mind and ultimately, lifelong resilience.


Supporting Working Parents

We’re proud to support working mothers and fathers and have worked hard to ensure this is a cornerstone work perk available to employees at Talk Shop. We’ve opted to exceed in the area of parental leave and offer top-up for employees that have been with us for two years or more and in many cases, we have paid 100% top-up for long term employees. Rather than risk losing talented and experienced women, we want to strengthen the employer-employee relationship to ensure everyone feels engaged and connected.

These are just some of the strides we continue to take at Talk Shop to support an #EachforEqual workplace and hopefully inspire other businesses to want to do the same. We’re looking forward to building a gender-equal world together!