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After a four-day Odd-yssey (emphasis on odd) at Bitcoin 2022, our team took the largest Bitcoin event in history by storm. The phrase, “Bullish on Bitcoin” was never more evident than a showing with headliners like Serena Williams, Jordan Peterson and Peter Thiel. The event kicked off with an unveiling of a New York stock-exchange-inspired crypto bull. It was complete with NFT art galleries, an indoor volcano, epic parties and a musical music festival feel. Overall the four-day affair was a deep dive into the weird and wonderful. From advancements in the lightning network and open source technology to counterculture influences, here are our takeaways from this year’s Bitcoin 2022 Conference.

Miami Staked Its Claim As The Next Crypto Valley

It’s no surprise that the Bitcoin Base is dominated by those who favour deregulation, something commonly associated with Floridan behaviour. With an abundance of Bitcoin ATMs placed throughout the city and a rally of support from the city’s mayor, Francis Suarez, the phrase is certainly catching on. It was recently reported that the city’s residents could pay taxes with crypto and some employees could even choose to be paid in a coin of their choice. The unveiling of the Miami Bull, an 11-foot, a 3000-pound statute that now sits outside the Miami Beach Convention Centre is yet another milestone for the city’s claim to crypto fame.

Big Bitcoin Annoucements

Strike CEO, Jack Mallers, wowed audiences with an innovative announcement that Strike and Shopify had officially partnered for a point of sale integration, allowing shoppers to utilize Bitcoin for purchases. In short, another significant move in bringing Bitcoin to the same partnership ensured that merchants would also have the opportunity to save on processing fees.

Green Bitcoin Standards … Just Crypto Greenwashing?

Various panels and speakers attempted to make a case for Green Bitcoin Standard and industry-regulated Carbon reduction goals, yet actions speak louder than words. The community and conference placed emphasis on “whales” which translated to flashy supercars, exorbitant parties and private jets. More than 30,000 single-use water bottles, plastic sunglasses and individually wrapped vinyl chairs littered the event – a stark reminder of the industry’s lust for exorbitant and performative environmentalism.

Diversity and Inclusion has a Long Way to Go

While our female dominant team was pleasantly surprised to see the gender gap improving, crypto has yet to crack the code on bringing diverse crowds together. Sure, headline acts like Serena Williams is a move in the right direction but we couldn’t help but find ourselves amused and in good company after watching this reel from a fellow attendee, Lisa Carmen Wang.

Bitcoin Investing Parallels the 90s Tech Boom

Likened most closely to the Internet in the 90s, speakers shared how much room to grow there is still for Bitcoin. Within the United States, just 1 in 5 people hold Bitcoin within their portfolio. And despite those facts, it continues to remain the highest investment category (based on 2022 data from Robinhood) carrying more weight than Apple.

Retail Investors Seeking Assurance

Institutional investors and hedge fund managers flooded the conference and surrounding events looking to deepen their position, instill confidence and remain steadfast in their hopes that Bitcoin, crypto and relevant markets were worthy of their attention in 2022 and years to come.