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Earlier this month, Talk Shop’s Vancouver team attended one of the West Coast's top tech conferences, the Traction Conference. Over two days, our team met, listened and mingled with hundreds of entrepreneurs, tech giants, investors, media, and folks who are big fans of emerging technologies.

When it comes down to it, conferences are just big platforms for storytelling. Our job as communicators is to amplify those stories and pull insights directly from those leaving their marks on the tech industry. Over time, our team has zeroed in on what drives engagement and have found that the tried and true best way is by live tweeting.

Now why Twitter and not LinkedIn or Instagram? The short answer is, it’s much easier to find real-time information on Twitter and most people’s profiles are public. A quick, well thought out tweet tagging a company and spokesperson can get you and your own company’s name in front of major decision makers. A well drafted tweet gets retweeted and seen by a much larger network. Twitter is where breaking news hits first. And for a savvy communicator, where breaking tech conference insights hit first.

Read on to learn all things live-tech-event-tweeting so you can share with your followers like a pro.

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

Fundamentally, live-tweeting is great for two reasons: Network building and engagement. On a more detailed level, you get to connect with people who care about the same things you do and you force yourself to be actively listening and participating with the content at the conference. It’s all about sharing key learnings and golden nuggets with your community online. You can build on it further by sharing your own insights as a thought leader in the space.

Your community will also thank you. Listening to hours of conversations, it can be easy to miss something critical. The goal at the end of the day is to turn your Twitter feed into a SparkNotes of event insights.

Let’s Get Tweeting.

Set yourself up for success

    • Before you head to the event, follow all speakers and companies on Twitter

    • Get your computer ready. It’s much faster than your phone

  • Pro tip: make sure you’re near an outlet if possible so you can charge your devices, nothing kills the vibe more than a dead laptop or phone.

  • Create a tweet template in Notes to keep live tweets consistent

Take note of golden nuggets

  • Split screen is your friend. Have one side on Twitter, the side on notes.

  • Jot down any idea that catches your attention. If it meant something for you, it will mean something for another person in your industry.

  • Don’t be afraid to paraphrase. A succinct snapshot of what someone said is more powerful than a direct quote.

Get creative–play with the format

  • Golden rules for live tweeting at events are as follows:

    • Always include the event hashtag to ensure others at the event and organizers will see it

  • Adding high-res imagary immediately adds quality to the post

  • Have too many great insights? Create a thread and number them for captivating content


“The experience of a brand is the ability to rent space in your mind.”@MelisOnCheddar CCO of @clickup

CC: @TalkShopMedia @TractionConf_io #tractionconf

— Stuart Martin (@stuiy) August 11, 2022

  • If possible, tag the speakers and companies that you’re referring to or citing

  • A bonus that helps to boost engagement is to include a note at the bottom of your tweet or thread of tweets “CC’ing” whoever you’re with, like coworkers, clients, friends in the space, etc.


“B2B companies using influencers is brilliant. You can also turn your employees into influencers. If you build them up, invest in them and build up their profiles, you can have massive organic reach.”@MelisOnCheddar CCO of @clickup

CC: @TalkShopMedia @TractionConf_io

— Stuart Martin (@stuiy) August 11, 2022

In the end, it’s important for you to utilize your Twitter network to get connected in person. Get in touch with people you want to meet at the event, like your clients, your friends in the media, etc. You’ll be surprised by the connections you can make just from engaging on Twitter during a conference!


Overheard @TractionConf_io:

“Move fast and break things, yes. But it’s also ok to slow down in product release planning process. It’s extremely tactful to slow down”

CC: @TalkShopMedia #productgrowth #productstrategy #tech #SaaS

— elanparis (@ParisCmns) August 10, 2022

TLDR: Use live-tweeting as an avenue to connect with people you admire, topics you find interesting, and things you want to remember. And don’t forget to turn those tweets into opportunities to chat IRL.