Tech Startup PR 101 – 5 Things to Know When Raising Awareness About Your BusinessCategory
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With so many prolific tech startups emerging in Canada, how can your brand stand out? Here are five tips to consider when promoting your business.

**1. Have a unique opinion
**What is your competitive advantage? What does your brand offer that is currently not on the market? Hone in on this, and use it to your advantage! It’s all about having a voice that stands out to get media coverage.

**2. Build authentic relationships
**Behind every computer is a person, just like you, wanting to connect on a human level. Follow journalists on social media, and see what topics are important to them – perhaps this is something you can connect over. Better yet, see what the journalist has written about recently – what spoke to you? Tell them about it!

**3. Amplify your social media profiles
**Brands are synonymous with the faces behind the company. Take social media as an opportunity to build your image, champion your brand values, and share it with your followers. When journalists see your company, they will remember the person behind the magic. Maybe YOU are the secret sauce behind the success.

**4. Keep timing in mind
**Timing is everything – we can not stress this enough. Make sure that your messaging is relevant to current events and what people are talking about. Is there a holiday coming up? Hop on that opportunity! Tailor your messaging to reflect what people are talking about – now!

5. Nail your key messaging
When you’re talking to the media, you need to sell your business and what problem you’re solving in the shortest time possible. Have your quick, written elevator pitch ready to go that highlights your value proposition quickly so you can clearly communicate.

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