The Talk Shop Women in Fintech Grant Winner has been SelectedCategory
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We’re thrilled to announce that after reviewing applications from across the country, our expert judging panel has selected a winner for the Talk Shop Women in Fintech Grant, BuyProperly, led by Khushboo Jha.

Our judging panel, Janet Bannister, Managing Partner of Real Ventures, Leen Li, CEO of Wealthsimple Foundation and Erin Bury, CEO and Co-Founder of Willful, assessed applicants based on a number of criteria including long term business viability, market size and competitiveness and media appeal.

BuyProperly makes real estate investing more inclusive for the thousands of Canadians who don’t have access to the capital required for a down payment. The company offers fractional real estate investing for as little as $2,500, with high liquidity and low correlation to the stock market.

Talk Shop launched our Women in Fintech Grant to deliver $30,000 worth of PR services to a woman-identifying founder, who statistically, doesn’t have the same access to capital as her male counterparts.

We know that PR helps tech companies grow – it can support customer acquisition, educate consumers and build trust, but most importantly, we know that a smart strategy will raise visibility amongst the investor community, which has traditionally left womxn-led fintechs behind.

We’re thrilled to be working with Khushboo and her team at BuyProperly – stay tuned for more in the months to come!