5 Tips to Prepare for Your Virtual Media InterviewCategory
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As media interviews and speaking engagements have continued to shift online, Talk Shop has been working with company leaders and spokespeople to adapt our media training sessions to this new virtual landscape. When preparing for a virtual speaking engagement, press conference, or interview with a TV reporter or podcast host, there is now an additional layer of considerations to keep in mind.

To help you prepare for your next virtual interview, we’ve put together a quick checklist to ensure things go smoothly.

Confirm Your Date & Time:

Double-check the time, timezone, and the platform – is the interview on Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Facetime? Ensure you have the correct programs downloaded or accounts created that you need to join the interview. Check your username and ensure it is professional, as it may show up on the screen.

Turn Off Notifications:

Turn Do Not Disturb on your phone and computer and turn off notifications on all nearby devices.


Keep your background clear of distractions; the focus should be on you and the topic you are speaking about, not the items behind you. Tidy up, remove extra clutter and keep things as plain and simple as possible.


Position yourself so that you are facing a window or natural light source (or just facing your light source if natural lighting isn’t available). Having the light behind you will make you backlit and create unwanted shadows. If you wear glasses, test the lighting to ensure there isn’t too much reflection, as you may need to reposition your light.


As any influencer knows, the right angle can make all the difference. Place your laptop on a platform or prop it up on something sturdy so your webcam is at eye level. Look directly at your computer’s camera and try not to watch yourself in the corner of your screen.