It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Behind the Curtain of Public Relations.Category
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In the world of public relations, each team member’s passion for storytelling and client success is the driving force behind every achievement.

When a client’s story is finally published, it’s a moment of celebration, a testament to the love for what we do—what clients see is the success of their PR investment. While the end result is gratifying, there’s a lot of groundwork, strategy, patience, and months of effort that led to that moment.

Here’s a peek behind the PR curtain, illustrating the passion-driven depth of work that remains unseen by clients yet is crucial to their successes.

Strategy and Research

Our days often begin while the world is still quiet, with a steaming mug of coffee as we review the latest news and anticipate the media cycle. It’s a period brimming with potential, the time that we are fully in our element, crafting and perfecting pitches and strategizing on story angles that will resonate in the days, weeks and months ahead. Clients usually see the end result, not these quiet, early hours where the true magic happens. This time is crucial for developing PR strategies that are not just effective but also flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing news cycles and media landscapes. This is where analysis meets creativity, where we research and continuously refine our approach to ensure the stories we tell will resonate with both journalists and their audiences.

Narrative Development and Opportunity Hunting

As the day picks up speed, so do we. We’re often on calls or in meetings, reviewing strategy, celebrating progress with clients, prepping spokespeople for interviews, and making sure our narrative is tight and on message. For us, each interview opportunity represents an amazing step forward, though sometimes it’s a long road to get there, rescheduling around time zones and last-minute editorial changes. It’s a routine that requires agility and endurance, but we absolutely live for the exhilarating rush when everything (finally!) clicks into place.

By midday, we are typically deep in the throes of narrative development. Crafting the right story for a client is like fitting pieces into a complex, giant jigsaw puzzle without a picture on the box. It takes time to shape a narrative that’s newsworthy, deeply compelling and authentic, one that will stand out in a crowded media space, but once we find the perfect puzzle piece, it makes it all worth it. We are also constantly on high alert, monitoring for reactionary opportunities—quick-turnaround responses to breaking news that our clients can contribute to, establishing them as experts and thought leaders in their respective industries.

Engagement and Anticipation

As the day progresses, our focus shifts to engaging with media contacts. We spend time nurturing the connections we have cultivated, following up on our well-thought-out and researched narratives and anticipating the ebb and flow of the news cycle to position our clients as spokespeople. This often involves rapid responses to journalists’ inquiries, providing them with timely information and expert commentary that adds value to their coverage.

After the interviews, there’s follow-up—ensuring that the journalist has captured the essence of our client’s story. The work and the stories are dynamic as they unfold, and this is where the marathon really shows its distance. We provide feedback, answer follow-up questions, and sometimes offer clarification. It’s meticulous, but it’s critical—each interaction is a mile marker passed, a celebration of the significant impact that each detail can play in our client’s success.

Trend Analysis and Planning Ahead

Even as the day winds down, our passions don’t. In the quiet of the evening, we analyze the results of the day’s engagements, studying the impact of our efforts and planning for the days ahead. We keep an eye on emerging trends, thinking about how our clients can be part of the next big story. This foresight into the news cycle allows us to prepare our clients to be part of relevant conversations as they unfold.

Reflecting on the Unseen Work

When a client’s story makes it to a top publication, they see a snapshot—a moment of success. The lead-up is the true essence of our job, the early mornings filled with research and pitching, the narrative crafting, the afternoons of engaging with journalists, and the evenings spent in analysis and anticipation. Each published story is a marathon of effort: long and challenging but incredibly rewarding, as PR professionals, this is what we live for.

The takeaway for our clients and for anyone wondering what goes on behind the PR scenes is that while our spotlight is on the results, the true substance is in the day-to-day dedication and passion that goes largely unseen. It’s a long game, a continuous cycle of early mornings and late nights, of planning, persistence, and perseverance. This isn’t just a ‘job’ for us; it’s a calling that we are deeply passionate about, and every step of the journey is all in a day’s work.