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Lifestyle PR in Calgary is on the rise thanks to the new entrepreneurial spirit that has injected itself into the culture of this bustling city.


Lifestyle PR Management in Calgary

Lifestyle PR in Calgary is on the rise thanks to the new entrepreneurial spirit that has injected itself into the culture of this bustling city. Calgarians are young, educated, entrepreneurial, community minded, generous and welcoming – the perfect market for lifestyle based services and products. Infact, some of the best known lifestyle brands in Canada like WestJet and Holt Renfrew started out in this city.

We would like to help you achieve similar success and grow your brand. We are an experienced public relations firm in Calgary and are ready to assist you with your media needs. Let’s take a look at some of the different life styles that have benefited from the press and see how we can apply them for your business.

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How Restaurants and the Culinary Industry of Calgary Has Benefited from Press Releases

Calgary is the birthplace of the Caesar cocktail and home to a growing market of microbreweries and award winning restaurants. It has it all from the smoky BBQ pits and pubs to healthy and allergy sensitive options.

These restaurants wouldn’t be what they are today without the strong media coverage they have received. Media interest in this industry automatically creates an opportunity for restaurants to work with PR firms. Some of the local eateries which have become prosperous through press releases and media presence include Rouge, Raw Bar and Blink. Each of these restaurants is award winning and is listed in Calgary’s top 10 best places to eat for 2014.

Fashion Forward Calgary and the Power of Public Relations


Fashion PR Management in Calgary

Not only does Calgary have great food, it is also home to massive fashion retailers like Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom. There are also many cute boutique stores, local designers and several fashion focussed events in Calgary. Designer clothing is so popular in this city that many new fashion bloggers have taken flight with this trend and have decided to specialize in this topic.

Though we don’t specifically offer fashion PR management, it does have its place and we do recognize that without Public Relations Professionals, fashion exposure in Calgary wouldn’t be anywhere near as robust as it is today.

Health and Wellness in Calgary

Home to over 30 yoga studios, a growing number of cold pressed juicery outlets, and indoor cycling studios, Calgary has that west coast flavour and dedication to fitness and health. This city is also home to the largest urban pathway and bike lane network in North America. It is pretty common place to find locals on hiking trails or taking day trips to Lake Louise, Canmore and Banff. The ongoing success and expansion of the health and wellness industries is testament to the dedication Calgarians have for active lifestyles and the exposure each of these activities has received from the media. If you are looking for health and wellness PR, we can help.

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Art and Music Lovers Unite in the Ingelwood Neighbourood of Calgary

We also know about art and music and art PR and have our finger on the pulse of the scene in Calgary. There is an abundant art and music culture with many related initiatives put forward by city funded projects and groups, in addition to a healthy arts community. Ingelwood is Calgary’s hot spot for established art galleries and new ‘underground’ exhibits. With the Fringe Fest, Sunfest, Folk Fest and numerous live music venues it’s easy to see why Ingelwood is at the heart of arts and culture scene in Calgary. All of these festivals, venues and galleries wouldn’t be as well known without music and arts PR. Our experienced Public Relations Specialists can help your venture thrive.

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As you can see, the opportunities for lifestyle PR in Calgary are alive and well. If you are seeking media relations, business blogging, digital marketing, content marketing or any public relations services targeted to the Calgary region, we can help. Check out some of our recent Calgary PR work, send us an email or give us a call at 403-455-3031.