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For those in Calgary who are adding PR management to their job description or just looking to keep marketing communication skills up to date, mastering the essentials of public relations management can benefit an organization in a number of ways.

For those in Calgary who are adding PR management to their job description or just looking to keep marketing communication skills up to date, mastering the essentials of public relations management can benefit an organization in a number of ways. This article applies to you if you are a Public Relations Manager, or are part of a PR management team or association. It will also apply to you if you are a Public Relations Assistant, Agent, Consultant or Specialist.

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Social Media Professionals are Expected to PR as Part of Their Tasks

Did you know that Social Media Professionals are expected to do PR? A recent survey about the different roles of social media professionals was conducted by Ragan and NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions. It shows that marketing and social media professionals are expected to juggle a growing list of tasks in their day-to-day job description including managing PR efforts. In markets like Calgary where slumping oil prices are taking their toll on marketing teams, there is an even greater need for two-way communication between organizations and the public.

Smart PR Strategy

Build A PR Strategy With A Vision – Create a Smart Plan for Success

If it is your first time building a PR Strategy there are a number of free resources available to outline important how to’s. In general successful press release administration centers on a plan that has a vision. What does that mean exactly?

  • Make sure your plan includes all aspects of marketing communications

  • Keeps issues management as an important part of the

  • Takes into consideration market cycles, product launches and key timelines

  • Offers speaking opportunities and partnership

  • Highlights use cases and user testimonials

  • Included media tracking and PR reporting

Media Train Executives For Event Coverage or How to Handle A PR Crisis in Calgary

Whether you are looking to secure positive coverage or a negative event is impacting your organization, seasoned spokespeople are an absolute necessity of good PR Management in Calgary and nation-wide. Learning how to media train executives is a key part in developing a solid team and managing a media crisis should one occur. This can seem daunting, especially if public relations isn’t your only responsibility. Our seasoned media trainers are here to help with this and are only a phone call or email away. If you wanted to try it on your own, consider the following aspects as a part of your media training program:

  • Video clips of what to do and what not to do

  • Interactive exercises

  • Video taped mock interviews

  • Feedback and suggestions to improve

  • Body language coaching

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Get to Know The Most Influential Media in Calgary – Develop a Firm Connection With Reporters

As newsrooms shrink and the job of a reporter requires more content faster than ever, it may seem difficult to strike up a relationship with key media as reporters tend to get very busy. Developing a firm connection with reporters in your sector is easy if you know how to reach them. On any given day a reporter will be pitched no less than 40 times by various public relations professionals. Breaking through the noise is possible over the phone, by email and through social media.

Find out who the influential media relations personnel and reporters are in Calgary. Develop relationships with them to help you strengthen your PR campaigns.**

Measure Your PR Efforts With Clear Reporting – Marketing Meets Communications

PR reporting is a critical part of measuring results that needs to be done on an ongoing basis. This adds further responsibilities to the PR manager since there are so many other marCom (marketing and communications) tasks that need to be done. To cut through the clutter the primary goal of clear and effective PR reporting is to measure Return on Investment (ROI).

PR ROI Measurement & Reporting

How to Measure ROI – Seven Principles for PR Measurement

In order to measure ROI, we first must measure the value of PR efforts. Years ago this was broken down by the Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) metric. However, the international PR community has come together in recent years to develop a set of seven principles for PR Measurement:

  1. Setting Goals

  2. Principles 2 and 3: PR is Measured on Three Levels

  3. Principle 3: The Move Toward Analytics

  4. Principles 4 and 5: Measure Media Quantity and Quality, Not AVEs

  5. Principle 6: Social Media Can and Should Be Measured

  6. Principle 7: Transparency and Replicability are Paramount to Sound Measurement

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