Talk Shop Crosses the Border into LA, Opening New Office and Growing North American PresenceCategory
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In an era where communication is rapidly evolving, Talk Shop is not just keeping up; it's leading the charge.

Today, our team is excited to announce the grand opening of our US office located in Los Angeles. We have set up shop in the Century City neighborhood and can’t wait to build out a team as strong as the ones operating in both Vancouver and Toronto. We’ll continue to service the real estate, technology, lifestyle, and non-profit sectors, and can’t wait to see what other sorts of projects and challenges come our way!

Our North American and Global clients have long been curious about our services beyond Vancouver and Toronto. Today, we are thrilled to turn that curiosity into reality with the launch of our new office. As a team, we prioritize business experience over a flood of tactics. We truly understand the business landscape. We are eager to bring our exceptional work and outstanding customer service to this new market, continuing our mission to help clients get known and be understood.

Leading our expansion is President Of US Operations, Beth Boyle, and Stuart Martin, who will serve as Business Director. Beth will lead the growth of the US client base and operations, with support from Vancouver-based Managing Partner, Katie Stevens, and Stuart will focus on client expansion, team management and account performance.

Talk Shop’s US office is located in the Century City Area. For more information, visit