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Earlier this month, Talk Shop’s digital team was thrilled to be invited to Tiktok’s first-ever #ForYou Summit: Canada, where marketers, agencies and media buyers from across the country gathered (in person!) to immerse themselves in all things TikTok.

We heard from brand executives as well as some of Canada’s favourite creators, walking away with an inside scoop on how to work best with creators and ultimately get the most for our clients out of the platform that continues to become a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives.

To be back in a packed event space, surrounded by like minded social media lovers and leaders was incredibly inspiring. And since we couldn’t take you all with us, we’re passing along six key takeaways that everyone should know about TikTok. We also made a 20-second recap for your viewing pleasure.

#1: TikTok reaches beyond Gen Z.

More than a billion people around the world use TikTok every month. And it isn’t just Gen Z—most viewers are actually millennials and Gen Xers. People from every generation are watching, creating, and sharing content on TikTok.

#2: TikTok is entertainment.

People check social media, but they watch TikTok—for a movie’s worth of time each day. In fact, according to a recent Canadian study, brands perform even better when they combine TikTok with traditional video. The bottom line? TikTok strengthens your media mix—seeing ads on TikTok has a halo effect for TV and streaming.

#3: Creators are the lifeblood of our platform.

Creators are the reason people spend so much time on TikTok. Videos featuring TikTok creators are twice as engaging. And this has a positive impact on brands that work with creators. Two-thirds of viewers like when brands partner with creators on TikTok to showcase their products.

#4: Any TikTok can take off at any time, so anyone can be discovered.

TikTok runs on a content graph, not a social graph. It’s not about who you know; it’s about what interests you, so the recommendation system keeps presenting new and interesting videos. It doesn’t matter if your friends aren’t foodies; if you keep interacting with #foodtok content, that’s what you’ll see more of in your For You Feed.

#5: Brands perform better when they work with TikTok creators.

Engagement on TikTok is about connection, not likes, views or shares. People make videos with and for each other and keep the conversations going in the comments. Viewers see creators as more relatable, entertaining, and optimistic, which drives greater brand discovery, recall, and action.

#6: Communities are the new demographics.

Whatever a TikToker’s passion, interest, lifestyle or identity, there’s a community for it. TikTok calls them CommunityToks, and they exist for every interest imaginable, from #cleantok to #musictok to #booktok. Their diversity is endless, and anyone can participate, including brands.

What’s new on the app?

A platform that is constantly expanding and evolving, here are a few of the latest TikTok updates you may not know about:

TikTok x WooCommerce: WooCommerce and TikTok are collaborating to make connecting your business to TikTok easier than ever. You can now automatically sync your WooCommerce product catalog to TikTok in 1 click, and start advertising your store on the platform. Learn more about the WooCommerce TikTok integration here.

Interactive Add-ons: You can now add eye-catching elements to videos with TikTok’s new Interactive Add-Ons such as visual pop-ups, stickers and more. Learn more about Interactive Add-ons here.

TikTok Insights: Get to know your community’s behavior, interests, and how they connect and feel about brands on TikTok. Get inspired to create great content on TikTok with data-driven insights. Learn more about the TikTok Insights tool here.

Ready to grow your brand by making the move onto TikTok? We love to see it! We’re here to help, drop us a line.