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A look into Justin Trudeau’s PR success.

The 42nd Federal Election has proven to be one for the history books. The most engaged election in decades, this year saw a 68.5% eligible voter turnout – the highest since 1993. Our new Liberal government is generating conversation throughout the country and abroad, sparking notable interest from international media. But why are people so curious about the new Canadian leader?

Justin Trudeau will be officially sworn in today, November 4th. In light of his official appointment, we are looking back at his recent PR strategy and exploring what contributed to his triumphant win.

Actions speak louder than words

Today, Prime Minister Trudeau historically announced his affirmative action cabinet. This is a commitment made during the electoral campaign to create a cabinet of equal female and male representation, and will enforce the first demonstration of Trudeau’s campaign promises. Strategic positioning is a key factor in PR planning that impacts how the public will trust your brand. Trudeau remained true to his outlined values, while implementing promises in key timelines and demonstrating results.

A personal brand attracts loyal supporters

A heartfelt letter to the new Prime Minister from a British Columbia mom asking for change went viral, and prompted Trudeau to take immediate action. By quickly acknowledging the mother’s concerns and personally thanking her for her letter, Trudeau took a strategic approach in moulding his style of communication by providing a timely and honest response. He then followed up with a call to action, encouraging her to continue engaging online and fostering meaningful conversation. Strategies like these paint a powerful image and, as Trudeau was recently polled as the most PR and relatable candidate of the election, it’s clear that a personal approach goes a long way.

An optimistic ethos garners positive attention

A personal brand is further propelled by an overall likeable demeanour. On the day after the election, Trudeau spent the morning cheerfully posing for selfies and chatting with commuters at a Montreal subway station. Trudeau communicated a willingness to wander into crowds, engage on social media, and exudes a pleasant and approachable presence. Body language and presentation on camera can create a powerful message that goes a long way. It’s important for a spokesperson to present themselves strategically towards the media. A PR strategist can provide media training to foster the techniques necessary to effectively communicate messages and generate results.

Prioritize the age of the virtual voter with results-driven social media

The recent election magnified the impact that social media can have in determining voter attitudes. With a record number of social media engagements, and powerful campaigns like #StopHarper, the upcoming electoral results were evident well before votes were tallied. On Election Day, the Trudeau team took priority in personally interacting with voters online. This was a smart move in attracting a pivotal voter demographic of young people that look to platforms like Twitter to form and develop an opinion about the election.

Influencer engagement can create powerful conversation

The Liberal party’s use of social media to engage millennial voters was further propelled by a string of Canadian indie artists who expressed their support on their platforms. This created organic endorsements by noted influencers including musicians, Canadian personalities, and even international political faces which led to growing discussion online. By garnering the attention of opinion leaders, the Liberals were able to tap into vast social networks and conversation with individuals that may have turned a blind eye.

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