Tips to Ensure Your Tech News Gets VisibilityCategory
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Vlog by Alison Gallagher

If you have a tech PR announcement to share, chances are, you want the tech media landscape to hear about it. Our experience launching PR campaigns for IPO and acquisition announcements, completed funding rounds, and product launches, has taught us how to ensure news breaks through the industry noise.

Given how competitive the tech space is, and the volume of news being shared on a daily basis, it’s a challenge to have your news heard. If you’re not yet working with a tech PR partner, these tips will increase your chances of reaching the audiences most relevant to the news:

  1. Numbers matter. News outlets want to know how much money has been raised, spent or invested. This information helps the press quantify your announcement for people who may be less familiar with your industry. If you’re not prepared to share the financial details of your deal, this will impact the degree of reception and reach of your news.

  2. You matter. Make certain your executive team is available for interviews in the days leading up to and following the announcement. Access to executives will benefit from media training and resulting interviews will spread the news. A written quote is not as powerful or convincing as a person speaking on behalf of a brand.

  3. Timing matters. To avoid losing potential media opportunities, stay clear of sharing announcements on holiday weekends, big cultural or industry moments. For example, broadcasting tech news at the same time as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), will definitely impact the amount of attention you can capture.

Making a splash with a tech announcement is no easy feat. By keeping these three tips in mind, you’ll have a leg up on your competition.