What Now: Anti-Racism, Diversity and Where To Begin Within Your OrganizationCategory
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2020 has brought a tectonic shift to the forefront of social change. Fighting systemic racism and bias is an area of corporate social change many are now prioritizing. We turned to leaders in the BIPOC communities for guidance on how to be a meaningful ally through a 45-minute panel discussion.

Find access to the recorded version by clicking here.

Panelist Candice Best, Founder of BEST PR, urged the audience to identify where they have power and leverage it to support members of BIPOC communities.

Nadia Ali, Owner and Consultant of Konpa Consulting suggested looking inwards at your organization and thinking critically about how you can take action to spur meaningful change.

Alexandra Nilkolajev, Content Creator and Host of the One Last Thing podcast

Our moderator, Raia “Coach” Carey, summed up her guiding principles for allyship:

  1. Don’t get defensive

  2. Seek to understand

  3. Get uncomfortable

  4. Get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations

  5. Do the research

  6. Make donations

  7. Make a plan of what you will do differently and take action

Panelists provided resources to support the audience’s allyship to BIPOC communities:

Activists to follow:

Avery Francis of Build with Bloom

Dom Robxrts

Andray Domise (also read his piece in Macleans on racism in Canada)

Austin Channing Brown (Check out Brene Brown’s interview with Austin on her June 10th podcast—Unlocking US)

Rachel Cargle

Ibram X Kendi

Brands getting allyship right:

Ben & Jerry’s

Books worth reading:
How to be an Anti-racist – by Ibram X. Kendi
Me and White Supremacy – by Layla Saad
White Fragility – by Robin DiAngelo

Additional list of resources:
Friends of Jenny