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Welcoming Krystin Lee, Business Director of Social Media


Social media and influencers are quickly becoming two of the most important aspects of digital marketing — helping brands spread the word and reach millions of customers worldwide.

Brands are now seeing influencers as the key to establishing an emotional connection between themselves and potential buyers.

And as an ever-changing and dynamic space, the importance of keeping up-to-date with social media marketing trends has never been more important. A recent NeoReach study found that for every dollar invested in influencer marketing campaigns, brands received an average return of $5.20 in earned media.

It is with this in mind that Talk Shop Media, one of Canada’s fastest growing agencies, has hired Canadian lifestyle influencer Krystin Lee as Business Director of Social Media, based out of the firm’s Toronto office.


Talk Shop Media is a proudly female-owned industry leader in technology, real estate, retail, finance, luxury, and consumer goods. A leader in the next generation of public relations, the team is made up of bright talent and pairs with brands looking to engage media, event public relations, and influencer marketing differently.

A recognized name in the media landscape, Krystin founded the blog Suburban Faux Pas. Hailed as one of Canada’s favourite lifestyle blogs by Daily Hive and Elle Canada, Krystin has partnered with global brands such as American Express, Stella Artois, Fairmont Properties, Lincoln, Kate Spade, and Nordstrom.


VP of Growth at Talk Shop, Nadia Gillies says, “Since the field of influencer marketing first emerged, the landscape has changed dramatically and specifically as it relates to PR, which is why hiring a leading influencer was both a strategic and necessary move for Talk Shop.”

In her role at Talk Shop, Krystin will drive the agency’s social media services through innovation and insight into how brands can best optimize social media and influencer marketing.


With personal experience in the industry coupled with her expertise creating and executing content strategies, Krystin will drive the agency’s social media services in her role at Talk Shop. Offering her first-hand knowledge of strategies, trend forecasting, and guidance on how to best navigate the ever-changing space, Krystin is now part of the dynamic female-owned and operated team.

In the months to come, the Top 100 Employer ranked agency in Toronto aims to continue to expand the brands they represent and manage on social media, and look to continue their rapid growth.