Why You Didn’t Make Forty Under 40Category

Vlog by Katie Dunsworth-Reiach

As PR pros we have no shortage of experience writing award applications. Forty Under 40 is near and dear to our hearts and a mark of success for many professionals. The Globe and Mail has their own ranking along with Business in Vancouver. We’ve actually had a few of our own team rank on this list.

Each year can be a painful reminder of NOT making the list and especially for those who have applied multiple times or are approaching the age of forty. It’s quite unusual to make the list on your first try but there are a few things to know and one factor we believe is the most important differentiator of those who have made the list.

There’s No Room For Humility In Your Application

Whether you’re naturally humble or just not seeing the full picture of your career and experience, there are all kinds of day-to-day aspects of your career that are critical to include. You may not think to highlight your role as a mentor and leader as an example. If you’re writing your own application, we’d recommend teaming up with someone who knows how to factually (and a little promotionally) highlight all of this while still outlining what a well rounded person you are.

The #1 Reason You Didn’t Rank

A shocking number of qualified applicants have not made the 40 under ranking simply because their community contribution (a.k.a how you give back) is lacking. This doesn’t mean you need to volunteer for a year but it does mean that you need to demonstrate a role in your community that is larger than yourself and your career. Take on a role that has an impact on people, business or the community.

Now You Have No Excuse Not To Give Back

A few of our favourite not-for-profits, which might look great on your next application are:

Habitat For Humanity GVRD

Sponsor a build site (one is underway in Richmond and soon in Port Coquitlam), volunteer in the local ReStores or look for other ways to help support housing affordability in our community. Connect with the incredibly impactful local organization for ways to give back and support

Mission Possible

Based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Mission Possible supports individuals who are challenged with poverty navigate a journey to employment. Through its employment readiness program and social enterprises, Mission Possible transforms lives by helping people experience a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs

Did you know one of the most important factors in child’s success is operating from a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset? PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs shifts children, many of whom may not be on an academic track, into a growth mindset about their own capabilities. This program prepares young people for a rapidly changing world.