Your Next Best Investment: PR for TalentCategory

Worried about finding and keeping the talent your organization needs? You aren’t alone. About one-third of global employers are reporting talent shortages, and 73% of CEOs are concerned about finding skilled workers. One of the best ways you can compete in this “war for talent” is by strengthening your employer brand – what we call PR for Talent.

Leading employers are discovering that investing marketing dollars in building their employer brand is helping them attract top talent, retain key team members and keep employees engaged. It’s all about storytelling.

Growing expectations for the employer brand

When the term “employer brand” was first introduced in the 1990s, it fell under HR. With social media now playing a key role amplifying the employer brand through employee posts, responsibility for employer brand is shifting to the Marketing Manager or the CEO. Business leaders now expect employer branding to play a key role in meeting long-term recruitment needs

Strong employer branding will align your organization’s image with the employee experience so that organizational messages are consistent with actions. Deliver on that brand promise, and you’ll become an “employer of choice”. Just like with reputation, the employer brand is going to take shape whether you support it or not – so it’s best to proactively shape your employer brand rather than let it just happen.

Here are a few companies we know and love who are working to create a strong employer brand:

  1. Cactus Club engages its employee demographic on social media with @cactuscareers and a robust Careers microsite.

  2. Vega’s video, “Vegatopia”, shares a humourous look at what it’s like to work at Vega. The video has 25,000+ views on YouTube.

  3. As a values-driven company, BlueShore Financial puts its corporate values front and centre on their Careers page.

  4. Nurse Next Door uses storytelling to support recruitment efforts. Their YouTube channel features stories about individual staff members that help job seekers understand the company culture.

  5. Colliers is driving engagement with existing and potential employees on Instagram with #lovecolliers

From social media initiatives and website presence to recruitment-focused PR and employee ambassador programs, PR for Talent can help you meet the urgent need to find, retain and engage a top-performing team. Let Talk Shop show you how!