—Case Study

Block X


Block X is a blockchain investment issuer dedicated to investing in blockchain and emerging technologies. As a new company in a new industry, Block X approached us to raise awareness around its investments and the high-profile team behind the company. Given the volatility of Cryptocurrencies and general lack of awareness around Blockchain technology and its real-world application capabilities, Talk Shop developed an education-based PR approach to secure media interest. The PR strategy leveraged the expertise of the leadership team to both educate the general public about Blockchain basics and elaborate to industry experts how Blockchain technology can be applied to various industries.



The campaign resulted in coverage across North American trade and consumer publications to an audience of over 250M. Key coverage included placements in Forbes, BuzzFeed, Techvibes, Thrive Global, and Bankless Times. Block X spokespeople were positioned as industry leaders and credible sources regarding Cryptocurrency investment strategies and Blockchain technology.