Vancouver Whitecaps FC


On March 19 of 2011, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC began a new page in their history book by playing their very first game in Major League Soccer (MLS). The game signaled a new era for the team, their fans, and for the city itself. Having reached the initial season ticket sales goal, it was hoped that the remaining days leading up to kickoff could focus on exciting fans, building awareness and buzz around the city and maybe pushing a few single game tickets as icing on the cake. Working alongside the Whitecaps FC marketing team, Talk Shop provided a complete PR and experiential campaign that built anticipation and ignited the passion for soccer and the Whitecaps in Vancouverites.


The Whitecaps FC and Talk Shop invited the city to countdown the last 30 days ’til kickoff together. Based on a creative advertising and marketing campaign centered around 30 days of video content that lived on, Talk Shop provided public relations outreach and experiential PR for 30 days to raise awareness on the videos and exciting stunts and events leading up to the inaugural game.


  • Secured 75 media hits in 30 days
  • Garnered 11,932,754+ public impressions through media 
  • Growth of social media mentions of 58% over 30 days
  • Whitecaps ‘Kit Model’ video went viral with over 408,000 views to date
  • Home opener game attracted over 24,000 Whitecaps fans