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Mentorship BC



In 2013, BCIC launched a Provincial small business mentoring program, MentorshipBC. The program was designed to provide small businesses with access to mentors via a comprehensive online portal. In order for the program to succeed, it was essential that potential users of the portal were aware of the value of mentorship and the existence of the resource. We were chosen as the ideal partner in providing a complete strategy to ensure a successful and impactful launch and program adoption. This included creating and launching MentorshipBC, including an SEO and online marketing strategy to support the web development team, program name, brand, logo and all creative assets for the web design and launch, awareness campaign including public relations, business events, a launch event, a MentorshipBC poll, creation of infographics, marketing materials, email marketing to launch the program, and post-launch awareness activities to maintain program use, including blogging, ongoing media relations, development of a database of case studies, email marketing and events.

Blog Impressions
Media Hits


Over the course of the campaign, BCIC saw 15K website hits per month, over 16K blog impressions per week, and a 180% increase in social media following. More than 80 relevant business professionals attended the launch event, and 20+ media outlets published stories related to the launch.