—Case Study

New Year’s Eve


Vancouver’s New Year’s Eve Celebration Society (a group comprised of multiple local businesses and associations) reached out to support the launch of Vancouver’s first community New Year’s Eve event in over a decade. We worked with the society and its members including Vancity Buzz, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, Port Metro Vancouver, Tourism Vancouver and the city of Vancouver to ensure news of the event would be heard by people far and wide. A behind-­the-­scenes tour of the fireworks barge with pyrotechnicians was offered to press leading up to the event to ensure they had a unique perspective to fold into event coverage.

Media Hits
Event Attendees


The New Year’s Eve event garnered 63 pieces of media coverage, reached over 5M and attracted more than 80K people. Although the event happened on New Year’s Eve, coverage spanned from October 2015 through to January 2016. Our team was re-engaged to support the New Year’s Eve event in 2016.