—Case Study



BC’s skilled sector holds enormous job opportunity with an estimated one million job openings by 2022. Apprenticeships, specifically in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) sectors offer a plethora of high-paying, flexible and creative positions that are fundamental to the BC economy. Working with industry leaders including Babcock Canada, ITA and the Vancouver Sun – we lead the brand development, promotion and management of an exciting student awards program – the STEM Spotlight Awards – that promoted STEM apprentice careers and sought to shift the perception among parents and prospective students for years to come.

Social Impressions


The initiative was successful in raising awareness to the career potential for BC Students. The awards were featured prominently in media including an eight page Vancouver Sun pull-out and a province-wide ad campaign, totalling over 4M impressions across BC, and 1.2M impressions across social media. More than 1,780 students engaged in the competition through colleges and polytechnics across the province.