—Case Study



TEDxVancouver engaged us for social media management, communications support and media relations to support their annual event. Employing a combination of traditional media strategies and media sponsorship, which included partnerships with CBC and Vancouver Sun, were critical to positioning TEDxVancouver as one of the most exclusive and impactful events of the year.

Media Hits
On-site Interviews


In the months leading up to the event, we secured more than 40 pieces of media coverage. Print media coverage reached several key targets including leading lifestyle, business and technology media, while the social media and digital PR plan attracted 2K applicants, far exceeding projected targets, and causing tickets to sell out within eight minutes of release. On the event day, close to 40 print & television interviews were coordinated on-site for TEDxVancouver speakers and sponsor and affiliate brands, and social media activity resulted in TEDxVancouver securing a spot as a trending topic on Twitter on November 25, 2011.