—Case Study



Vega was developing a refreshed brand platform and was looking for a unique building takeover and event activation to reveal the refreshed brand to its staff. The overarching goal was to create an immersive experience that allowed all internal staff to understand, and feel part of, the new brand immediately from the launch. To achieve this, we developed a full office refresh plan which included a branded installation, full-wall decals, and a refreshed lobby, experiential elements to enhance the day for all staff, and branded SWAG bags that allowed all staff to embrace the new brand with personalized items. All elements came together for “Vega Day”, an event that had staff enter into an office that looked completely different, engage in a unique Unite experience that allowed them to set intentions as a group, and fully immerse themselves in the refreshed brand.

Swag Bags
Office Areas Transformed


The event resulted in a refreshed office; the lobby area was transformed to host a 3D installation that embodies the new brand, a new product display, and a refreshed look. Six other areas within the office were transformed to represent the new brand including the marketing area, the large meeting space, and gym among others. All employees received personalized, branded SWAG bags including new business cards, personalized S’well water bottles, Nike shirts, motivational letter boards, and journals for intention setting. The event was so well-received that it will continue to live on as an annual brand celebration for all staff.