—Case Study

Happy Planet


In the fall of 2014, Happy Planet set out to launch their new soup line – the first to include organic chicken. With competition in the ready-made soup category high, Happy Planet aimed to reinvigorate their launch approach with more creativity, integration and new tactics in an effort to achieve maximum media and online coverage. To generate awareness amongst young, health-conscious, professional women, we developed a three-pronged strategy aimed at engaging high-profile influencers and media through a combination of product drops and sampling, exclusive media events and partnerships, and traditional media relations.

Media Hits


As a result of the campaign, stores carrying Happy Planet’s new soup line sold out within the first few weeks of launch. In total, the campaign reached over 1.7M Canadians over three months. Overall, 25 pieces of media coverage were secured and close to 1,400 social media posts related to the campaign and new soup options resulted.