—Case Study

Walk-in Clinics of BC


Members association, Walk-in Clinics of BC partnered with WELL Health Technologies to generate awareness for the issues and threats surrounding medical clinics in Canada. Additionally, they wanted to raise the profile of Walk-in Clinics of BC’s annual conference that brought together 200 medical practitioners to discuss best practice for walk-in clinics, where WELL was speaking. Talk Shop developed a media strategy that connected Walk-in Clinics of BC and WELL to broader healthcare issues, utilize spokespeople in government and in the business community, and leverage the experience of Walk-in Clinics’ of BC’s founder.  

Media Hits
Audience Reached


In 3 short weeks, our efforts resulted in 113 pieces of media that reached a total audience of 15M. Coverage included spokespeople from Walk-in Clinics of BC and WELL, along with third party spokespeople from government and the business community who communicated brand values on our behalf. Media landed ahead of the event, along with during, and after, and we secured broadcast and print media onsite.