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Boughton Law


Boughton Law is a Vancouver-based law firm. Organizations of all sizes and structures as well as individuals rely on Boughton for their business, dispute resolution, personal and public sector related legal matters. Boughton’s word-of-mouth referral network and positive reputation were strong, but in order to get to the next level in growth the firm approached us to maximize on existing and strategize on new Business Development initiatives. We started with research and development; getting to know all aspects of the firm, their legal areas of expertise and what they had to share with the general public was crucial before landing on a strategy. Once that was complete, all spokespeople received (and continue to receive) media training, spokesperson coaching and speech development sessions to maximize all media relations, sponsorship opportunities and community events.

Media Training Sessions
Media Hits Per Month


For three years we’ve been the Agency of Record for Boughton Law. PR continues to be the flagship initiative for the Business Development efforts of the firm. We have trained over 40 lawyers in media relations and interview techniques and are part of Boughton Law’s official onboarding process for all new lawyers. The firm can rely on 6 pieces of media coverage per month and since we’ve facilitated such valuable relationships between the media and the lawyers, they are consistently called on by our city’s major media contacts to comment on a variety of issues.