Creekside Mills


Lift in Sales


Increase in FB Followers


Increase in Leads


As Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake moved into their second selling season, they were looking to partner with an agency to increase awareness, drive web registrations and sales, all during a global pandemic. This agrihood development consists of 129 single-family homes in a gated community with an integrated food system and working farm on site.

We developed a three-pronged approach, including a tailored media relations plan that directly addressed issues relating to the pandemic, a website redesign, and an organic and paid social media strategy.

An integrated organic and paid social media strategy grew Facebook followers by 23% and engagement by over 75%. Paid campaigns drove relevant traffic to the Creekside Mills website, increasing site traffic by 108% and leads by over 300%.

A website redesign worked to communicate the unique features of Creekside Mills better, streamline the registration process, and integrate newly created video assets. Updates resulted in a 238% increase in new users and a 148% increase in registrations over the previous year.

Creekside Mills
Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake
Creekside Mills at Cultus Lake