—Case Study

Cressey Development Group


In 2011, long time leader in development, Cressey Development Group, decided it was time to take the brand to the next level and looked for a partner to implement a corporate communications, project PR, and a social media strategy to highlight Cressey’s incredible quality and success in residential and mixed-use developments. Through a combination of ongoing project-based stories, market commentary, creative events, community activations, and social media campaigns, we have successfully positioned Cressey as a leader in quality development, while also positioning the executive team as experts in the real estate market.

In Ad Value Equivalency


As Cressey’s long-term Agency of Record, our PR efforts have resulted in consistent, regular local and national media coverage, a growing online presence, fostered relationships with media, realtors and homebuyers, and sustained sales success. Recent coverage included Bloomberg, Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Global, CBC and a weekly, recurring segment on BIV Roundhouse Radio. Cressey has successfully met projected sales targets as a direct result of PR, earning over 8M impressions nationally over the course of a year and generating over $550,000 in ad value equivalency.