—Case Study



Coastal Contacts Inc., a long­standing tech and lifestyle client, was announcing its sale to Essilor, a global lens manufacturer. We were charged with developing a strategic communications strategy for company shareholders, staff press and consumers that addressed the impact of the acquisition. After establishing messaging for Coastal’s shareholders and investment community, we developed a tip-­off campaign leveraging a select group of key reporters crossing business, investment and national press. These reporters were given first access to the company’s CEO, Roger Hardy, to answer questions about the sale.

Media Hits


We secured 35 feature media hits within a two-day period across Canada and spill over into the US, for a total audience of 45M. Top national coverage included The Canadian Press, BNN, CBC News, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, National Post and Toronto Star. Locally it was covered by the Vancouver Sun, The Province, BC Business, Business in Vancouver and CTV News.