—Case Study



Canadian company, FORM, developed its first product, a pair of augmented reality goggles that deliver metrics in real time, in front of your face, as you swim. FORM was looking for a partner to work collaboratively with its internal team to build a launch strategy that would garner US media coverage ahead of the official launch. An embargoed pitch strategy started months prior to the launch. Deskside tours with FORM’s CEO were arranged in New York, San Francisco and the U.K. and review copies of the goggles were distributed to top tier media.

Media Hits


In one month, FORM and Talk Shop secured 90 consumer and tech media hits, which resulted in 166,324,535 impressions, two features in USA Today, and coverage in VentureBeat, Digital Trends, Wareable, Metro News, Gizmodo, Breakfast Television and Daily Mail. Top tier media coverage resulted in an influx of partnership requests from industry affiliates for FORM, as well as a groundswell of excitement from consumers. FORM’s Instagram following grew from 0 to nearly 5K.