—Case Study

Genesis Robotics


Genesis Robotics, a Langley-based R&D company, was looking to build excitement around the launch of their revolutionary robotic actuator, the LiveDrive. Because the LiveDrive is a patent as opposed to a product with use cases, customers and distribution, we knew that we had to gain credibility through industry experts at robotics trade publications ahead of securing wider coverage. Strong collateral was developed to back Genesis’ claims of LiveDrive’s game-changing impact on the robotics industry, which we used to pitch trades and secure desksides in New York. Once a baseline of coverage was secured, we tailored messaging for tech and business media and began outreach.



Success in the initial agreed upon two month period led to an ongoing contract with Genesis. Since launch, we have reached over 80M people through 25 media hits including Wired, ZDNet and BC Business. Additionally, we have built Genesis executives as thought leaders through contributed content in industry-leading publications.