Media Hits




Increase in Web Traffic


When Humi was completing its Series A funding, its team looked to Talk Shop to spread the word and bolster credibility. Talk Shop built messaging that would resonate and cut through in a pandemic-afflicted world and news cycle without alienating businesses experiencing hardship. The team adopted an embargo strategy that would offer the carefully crafted messaging and news to select media ahead of go-live day. Following the success of the announcement, Talk Shop developed a long-term strategy that positioned Humi as the go-to resource for all small business guidance and issues, building awareness and trust amongst potential buyers.

Our initial announcement push resulted in coverage in outlets like Betakit, Bay Street Bull, and Daily Hive, among others. Due to the campaign’s success, Humi decided to sign on for a long-term partnership that saw over 125 media hits and over 26M impressions in the first four months, notably in CBC, Toronto Sun, and CTV. Critically, Humi’s organic website traffic increased 33% in the period of partnership.