Digital & Social Media

Our digital process drives success that you can measure. Let's talk about custom growth strategies, social interaction and a clean digital roadmap that you can use to scale your business.

Content Marketing

Shareable content is at the core of a good digital marketing strategy. From engaging written and visual content we attract your target audiences through inbound content marketing strategies that tie directly to social media, advertising and PR.

Social Media Strategy

Bigger than daily updates, we develop the creative tactics to build traction and create a healthy and engaged community. With your company’s goals as guidance, our digital division will perform a social media audit and create a plan based on how to best utilize Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and other methods t to optimize engagement. Using authentic, high-quality written, photo and video content will make it easier for your audience to find, engage with, and covet your brand.

Influencer Marketing

What better way to allow your brand to shine through, than through the influencers your customers organically follow and engage with on a daily basis? We believe in authentic, organic partnerships that not only benefit your brand by reaching a new audience, but also benefit the influencer by providing valuable content that they would choose to endorse on their own. These relationships are like gold to us, and we can establish the partnership and type of content that will resonate authentically with both brands.

Community Management

Social community managers must understand the full picture of your brand to effectively grow your online community. Talk Shop’s approach to social community management fuses tried and tested PR practices with evolving digital communications needs. Our proven approach to community management seamlessly syncs with your marketing and communications activities to create a vibrant and growing online community built on brand advocacy and authentic communication.

Content Creation – Photography, Videography & Graphics

Our team of graphic designers, photographers and videographers will create high-quality content that will capture your brand personality and authentically convey it online through rich visual content. Keeping an updated visual representation of your brand online will keep your audience intrigued and engaged, and Talk Shop will manage the entire process from concept to production to ensure your brand stays consistent and fresh.

Email Marketing

A key part to building customer relationships is remaining top-of-mind with consistent touchpoints, but we know there is a fine line between consistency and being perceived as annoying. Our email marketing strategy is rooted in providing valuable content that will keep your database itching to click-through, and we manage the entire process – from copywriting, design, database segmentation, and analytics.