Market Research & Reporting

Offering cost effective and comprehensive research solutions for robust reporting, thought leadership and decision making - we offer research and analysis tools that can be executed quickly and effectively to drive the momentum of your business and marketing dollars.

Thought Leadership Reports

Increase your credibility and drive demand for your product or service through a thought leadership report. Offering sophisticated media and consumer driven insights, Talk Shop has customized a series of influential reports that deliver data driven insights into market predictions and consumer and professional trends.

Qualitative Research Solutions

Ideal for businesses looking to compile and interpret insights from consumers and professionals – we offer a qualitative research options ranging from focus groups to in-depth interviews. Using nondirective interviewing techniques we produce unbiased results in a fast and efficient timeframe that exceeds the pace of larger research firms.

Quantitative Research Solutions

Optimal for detailed data analysis and gaining a better understanding of a relevant market. We utilize best in class technology to apply sophisticated analysis techniques to enhance your brand presence, gain respect as a thought leader and identify changing attitudes and opinions that impact your business and your market.

Omnibus Surveys

Offering a reliable suite of provincial and national omnibus survey options our experienced researchers develop questions and custom solutions to gain the critical intelligence necessary of key decision-making.