Media & Public Relations

The power of the media is undeniable. Media coverage, in a traditional form, provides credible third-party assessment and an invaluable account of your business.

We work to establish the strategy and communication mechanism to ensure the most impactful information is shared with in powerful coverage and lasting relationships.

PR & Media Relations

Through our relationships with local, regional and national outlets, we can quickly and easily garner coverage for our clients across evolving media platforms from magazine and newspapers to national television and trade publications.

Crisis & Issues Management

Navigating difficult times and avoiding negative press requires experience in crisis and issues management.  Effective crisis management protects your business from serious reputational damage which typically follows an unplanned or poorly handled incident. Our proactive crisis management offers a seasoned response team that will provide expert guidance to minimize negative exposure and guide you through the most challenging times.

Media Training

Whether you are preparing for a keynote or doing an on-camera interview – media training is invaluable to building confidence are effective message delivery. Talk Shop offers expert media and message training programs that will ensuring your business and public facing spokespeople understand the techniques necessary to effectively communicate with confidence to all important stakeholders.