Iceberg Vodka


Sales Lift


Increase in Instagram Followers


Increase in Organic Traffic


Iceberg Vodka, a Canadian based Vodka brand, had grown tired of a digitally-focused marketing plan which lacked an organic social media strategy. While the brand understood there was value in a paid social presence, it also looked to tap storytelling, content creation, influencer marketing and user-generated content to further amplify the message.

Talk Shop was tasked with creating an organic and paid social media strategy, identifying target audiences, key messages, product availability and more all while funnelling into the brand’s business objectives.

Only three months after implementing the social media strategy and the revised brand direction, Iceberg Vodka saw tremendous growth across all metrics.
 The brand saw a 38% lift in followers on Instagram, doubling their average engagement rate per post on Instagram, as well as on Facebook, and brand recall continues to rise. Continuing efforts have resulted in a 761% increase in web traffic from social media as well as a 103% increase in organic web traffic from SEO efforts.

The client was also thrilled to report a 22% lift in sales from their most recent quarter resulting from increased marketing efforts in both organic and paid social media.