Media. Influencers. Social. Events. Community.

Whether you’re looking for event planning, media relations, social media campaigns or an influencer marketing strategy, it all starts with experience. We offer PR services that bring together experience, press coverage and data-driven digital exposure. To ensure we’re connecting with the right audience, we specialize in both earned PR programs and paid campaigns. Our job is to create exposure in every facet of how we consume information and make buying decisions.


Media & Public Relations

We have earned a reputation for offering the most advanced PR for brands in technology, real estate, lifestyle, luxury, retail and wellness. We know the importance of investing in connections with respected media and influencers across North America.


Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing field is in a constant state of transformation. Not only are we re-thinking who carries “influence” for brands, but new tactics to maximize engagement continue to surface. We remain at the forefront of this evolving category with combined expertise and thought leadership hailing from Brix Media Co.


Social Media

Social media marketing continues to take an expanded role in the digital landscape. Digital content and social media are the cornerstone of our digital marketing services. Our aim is to marry the creative and beautiful with the functional and technical.


Media & Speaker Training

Media training is invaluable to building confidence and delivering messages in an effective way. We offer expert media and message training programs that will ensure your business and public facing spokespeople understand the techniques necessary to effectively communicate with stakeholders.



Event PR is an integral part of most PR and marketing strategies. From intimate brand activations to large scale store openings, product launches and press conferences, we design and deliver a range of experiences on behalf of brands.


Crisis PR

Navigating difficult times and avoiding negative press requires experience in crisis PR and online reputation management. Our proactive approach to crisis management will provide expert guidance to minimize negative exposure and guide you through the most challenging times.