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Influencer & Event Marketing

Methodical in our approach, we craft thought-provoking and meaningful influencer campaigns for some of North America’s largest brands. We are constantly re-imagining this space to help the brands we work with stay competitive and revolutionary.

Influencer and Event Marketing

Brand Collaborations

Brands looking to align with the right group of influencers in Canada require intelligent brand collaborations. Working on an organic program can include designing and developing capsule collections, sponsored posts, native copy and building connections with complementary groups.


Ambassador Programs

Brand ambassadors and brand ambassador programs are an equally evolving area of influencer marketing. We offer an end-to-end education in what makes for a measurable and impactful ambassador program, offering recommendations and experience in both paid and unpaid ambassadors. From celebrity endorsements to micro-influencers, our foundation for a solid brand evangelist require authentic connections.


Micro-Influencers / Nano Influencers

The rise of micro-influencers and nano-influencers is a growing area of interest in the realm of influencer marketing. While traditional influencers have built their following through brand partnerships, paid product placement and collaborations, the micro-influencer scene has been gaining rapid momentum. Namely because this level of influencer offers a targeted niche with a smaller but engaged following. Our work with brands creating impact through micro-influencers can be found in Western Canadian influencer programs with Starbucks, Ford, Equinox and Avene.


Experiential Marketing

Media stunts are often what comes to mind when thinking about experiential marketing. Our approach takes a broader look at creating one-of-a-kind experiences and making them both shareable through social media and enticing to traditional media. We look to tell a story through our experiential activations while making the value clear to the consumer and the return on investment clear to the brand. Our objective in any experiential activation or event is to clearly understand the consumer and behaviour we are trying to connect, and to make an unforgettable impression that leaves those taking part in the experience eager to have more.