What’s the PR Buzz All About? Talk Shop Spills the Tea.Category
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Ever wondered about the machinery behind public perceptions? That's the art (and science) of Public Relations (PR). But let's cut through the jargon and get to the heart of PR, shall we?

A Quick Trip Down PR Lane

Long before the age of social media and digital press releases, ancient powerhouses were already dabbling in PR. But fast forward to the 20th century, and we see the likes of Edward Bernays—often crowned the ‘PR prodigy.’ Bernays’ mantra? Understand the crowd’s psyche to steer their choices. Sound familiar? It’s because it’s still the bedrock of PR today.

Now, roll up your sleeves. We’re diving deep into PR’s toolkit, pulling out prime examples:

1. Media Relations: Crafting the Story, Not Just Sharing it

How does PR work?At its core, media relations is about fostering relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers. But it’s not just about getting a brand’s name in the headlines; it’s about managing a narrative and crafting a story.

Positive media coverage can rapidly boost brand visibility, credibility and, most importantly – trust. Conversely, negative or misinformed coverage can be a potential minefield. Building bridges with the media ensures your brand’s story stays true and positive

One brand that has harnessed this power is Instant Financial. Instant Financial developed an app providing employees with daily access to their hard-earned money, and they used the power of media relations to drive awareness and downloads. Within the media, trade titles were targeted first to build buzz and credence amongst industry experts. Next, wider-reaching US top-tier outlets with business audiences were targeted. Resulting in an increased brand voice and brand recognition and trust.

2. Relationship Management: Connecting the Dots

How can you build trust for your brand? Think broader than the newsroom. Relationship management is about creating bonds amongst customers, investors, employees, and even the barista at your local cafe.

Brands aren’t built in isolation. Every stakeholder plays a part in a brand’s journey. By actively listening to stakeholders and addressing their concerns or feedback, brands build trust, loyalty, and advocacy.

3. Issues and Crisis Management: Weathering the Storm

No brand is immune to crises, be they internal issues or external forces. Crisis management is the practice of preparing for potential issues and strategically navigating them when they arise. A brand’s response in a crisis can make or break its reputation. Swift, sincere and strategic responses can help mitigate damages and even enhance brand trust.

Humi, a Canadian HR software, embraced the challenges the global Covid-19 pandemic brought to workplaces by building a crisis management plan. They shifted their messaging, researched what aspects of a quickly-changing environment were arising, and adapted. This resulted in their product being embraced as a helpful tool while navigating remote work during a challenging time.

4. Event Management: More Than Glitz and Glam

Beyond the balloons and backdrops, event management is about creating experiences that align with a brand’s identity and resonate with its audience. Events allow brands to engage with audiences in real time, forging deeper connections and leaving lasting impressions.

Starbucks’ highly anticipated Holiday cup drop. With a blend of media and online campaign including events. Starbucks ensures their holiday cup launch reiterates its position as a trend setter during the holiday season, year after year.

5. Digital PR: The Virtual Handshake

In today’s digital age, brand conversations are as likely to happen online as they are in the boardroom. Whether through sassy tweets, influencer collaborations or viral videos, digital PR tactics keep brands relevant, relatable and responsive in the virtual world.

In a world buzzing with voices, PR helps brands carve out their unique narrative. Through tactical media interactions, stakeholder relationships, digital engagements, media relations, event management, and online engagement, PR crafts stories that resonate and leave lasting impressions.

In essence, PR has, and will always be, about shaping and managing public perception.

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